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  • Francombat Announced Today The Appointment Of Jun Fa Li As Chief Revenue Officer

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    John Smith

    (Los Angeles, California) — Francombat announced today the appointment of Jun Fa Li as Chief Revenue Officer. Mrs. Li will report to Chairman Franco Richard. This new position takes effect immediately.

    In her new role, Mrs. Li is responsible for leading all revenue generation, including advertising and marketing solutions sales, customer support, and business development across the entire Francombat portfolio. “Jun Fa’s ability to grow new and existing revenue streams, as well as build highly motivated teams internationally and domestically, makes her uniquely qualified for the job, “Mr. Richard said. “She will be leading the delivery of an expanding collection of products to our clients, positioning Francombat as the next-generation native advertising and content marketing solution.”

    Prior to joining Francombat, Mrs. Li was executive vice president of multimedia sales for the Taiwanese Television Network since 2006. In this position, she led and managed the integration of sales teams across the media platform, an effort that has been widely recognized as leading the industry in delivering a unique audience to advertisers across media channels. Previously, Mrs. Li held a variety of marketing and sales positions for CCTV’s print, online, and broadcast properties, before being named executive vice president of multimedia sales.

    About Francombat

    Francombat is the world leading combat sports brand. Born in California, FrancombatÂź is at the forefront of the global combat sports market. For nearly two decades, Francombat has nurtured some of the combat sport’s all-time greats and produced some of its most exciting bouts. It’s a practice we continue to this day, as Francombat further expands its brand while introducing the professional sport of Lei Tai to a new generation of fans.

    Founded by visionary Quebecer Franco Richard, Francombat rallies skilled entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds around a single objective: to make the most feared fighters in the world and turn them into Champions. To achieve its objectives, Francombat actively recruits talent, manages their career, and organizes successful combat sports events.

    With the goal of bringing its combatants to the top, Francombat went from a simple training facility and management firm to a now world-class promotional outfit. Even though Francombat is still relatively very young, we have already made quite an impact on the international scene. Indeed, Francombat has a reputation for creating the industry’s champion. Our exclusive contracts stars are the most recognized, most demanded, and highest-billed athletes in professional combat sports. Combining the best of the best-skilled fighters, a series of dramatic fighting events add the interaction power of the internet is the result of media sensations.

    For more information about Francombat, please visit Francombat.com

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