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    Francombat.com is the flagship offering of Francombat Digital Media—a Francombat-branded network reaching over 10 million men per month worldwide. Francombat Digital Media reaches men wherever they go online: our audience of combat sports fans and tastemakers is more than 70% mobile and highly engaged in online video and social media across multiple platforms. Our suite of websites, apps, and interactive experiences complement the Francombat brand’s rich, longstanding history in the field of talent development, management, promotion, gaming, and innovative products.

    From our beginning, we have been guided by the interests of the combat fans and the power of community. We never fail to bring you the latest news, exclusive videos, the hottest interviews with the athletes that matter now, the ones that made history, and the rising stars of tomorrow. In other words, we bring you the most comprehensive combat sports coverage around today.

    Discover why Francombat is at the forefront of the global combat sports market.


    Born in California, Francombat® is at the forefront of the global combat sports market. For nearly two decades, Francombat has nurtured some of the combat sport’s all-time greats and produced some of its most exciting bouts. It’s a practice we continue to this day, as Francombat further expands its brand while introducing the professional sport of Lei Tai to a new generation of fans.

    Founded by visionary Quebecer Franco Richard, Francombat rallies skilled entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds around a single objective: to capitalize on one of Quebec’s most valuable resources—its unique creative talents—in order to make the most feared fighters in the world and turn them into Champions. To achieve its objectives, Francombat actively recruits talent, manage their career and organizes successful combat sports events.

    With the goal of bringing its combatants to the top, Francombat went from a simple training facility and management firm to a now world class promotional outfit. Today, Francombat aim to unify the combat sports scene by combining three distinct aspects of the industry under one main organization : a training facility, a talent agency for fighters, a professional team and an online channel to broadcast shows and events. 


    “Francombat is the story of a young Francophone businessman from Quebec who, in the 2000’s dot-com bubble, dreamed of building a combat sports media empire on which the sun would never set.”

    Even though Francombat is still relatively very young, we have already made quite an impact on the international scene. Indeed, Francombat has a reputation for creating the industry’s champion. Our exclusive contracts stars are the most recognized, most demanded and highest billed athletes in professional combat sports. Combining the best of the best skilled fighters, a series of dramatic fighting event add the interaction power of the internet are the resulted in media sensations.

    While primarily associated with combat sports companies, the brand has adorned a diverse crop of ventures, including music and television productions, and consumer coffee sales. The business assets include a state-of-the-art training facility, a combat sports agency, direct sales and retail division, a comprehensive Internet business infrastructure, marketing division, and publishing department, modeling agency, Coffee shop, and charities. The company also owns and operates the iconic Francombat Penthouse located in the top floors of the company property in Hollywood Hills, California. The estate became famous during the 2000s through media reports of Franco’s lavish parties.

    Today, “Francombat” as a word and as a concept have entered the popular lexicon and have become a worldwide phenomenon. Through dynamic marketing and aggressive protection of its trademarks, the brand’s popularity has grown exponentially year after year. The Francombat Fist logo, one of the top brands in the world, and ranked amongst giants such as UFC, Nike, Disney and McDonald’s, continues to fuel the future of Francombat and our global expansion.

    The company is headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, with principale offices in Los Angeles and Montreal.


    Did you know the following about Francombat’s history?

    Francombat Founded

    Franco Richard launches Francombat.com and rapidly becomes a leading global combat sports media property and lifestyle destinations for fight fans online.

    Francombat Gym

    Franco Richard established the first Francombat Gym dedicated to combat sports training in Quebec City.

    The Combat Sports Agency

    Francombat establishes Francombat Management, LLC., a full-service combat sports management and marketing firm representing some of the most successful and high-profile professionals boxers, mixed martial artists and Lei Tai fighters.

    The Francombat Holding Company

    Franco Richard founds Francombat, LLC and brings all his business ventures together under one roof. Franco becomes Chairman of the Board and CEO of the corporation.

    The Francombat Villa

    Franco Richard purchases the Francombat Villa in Hollywood Hills, California, and begins living the good life reflected in his website.

    The Combat Sneakers

    The company begins marketing sneakers, the first of many licensed products that help the Francombat Fist bump logo become one of the world’s most recognized symbols, and ranked amongst giants such as UFC, Nike, Disney and McDonald’s.

    The Unfightable Movement

    Francombat introduces the Unfightable Philosophy, written by Franco Richard in 77 Principles as motivational movement in response to adversity he encountered during his journey to make his dream a reality. The Unfightable Foundation is established as the activist arms of the Francombat Philosophy.

    20th Anniversary

    Francombat celebrates its 20th Anniversary in Los Angeles with friends.