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    Francombat is a team of athletes, coaches, visionaries, and innovators dedicated to creating the most spectacular combat sports events and products in the world.



    Franco Richard (born on December 2nd) is a Canadian martial artist, two-time Lei Tai gold medalist, fight manager, promoter, bettor, and businessman. He is the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and the largest shareholder of Francombat, LLC., a holding company that owns and operates a collective investment portfolio of businesses out of Antigua. He is also the founder of the PRO LEI TAI¬ģ, the global body for amateur and professional Lei Tai fighting; and the Creator of the ART OF LEI TAI championship series. In addition, he is also the Chairman of Richard, Inc., a multi-million dollar family office to represents the interests of his family and is actively involved in the management of a diverse portfolio of investments in private and public equities, cryptocurrency, and real estate. Before launching Francombat, Franco was best known for turning his life savings of $17,450.00 into over $4.7 million by betting on fights whilst still in his 20s, a fact made even more remarkable when you realize he also dropped out of college!¬†Franco is also known for popularizing the¬†‚Äúfist bump‚ÄĚ, which is now commonly practiced around the world as a more hygienic alternative to the handshake.



    Jun Fa Li is the Chief Executive Officer of Francombat, LLC. Li oversees Francombat’s global licensing business, which generates over $1M in retail revenue annually. Li implements the company’s long-term strategic goals through all revenue-generating functions and also oversees the business strategy for profitable revenue generation over the long term.

    She is responsible for all global sales channels, including global wholesale, retail stores, e-commerce for all of the Company’s regions, and global logistics. Before Francombat, she held leadership positions at Greenplum, a Silicon Valley start-up acquired by Fortune 200 company.

    Li holds a B.A in Business from the University of California.



    Frederick Morgan is the Chief Operating Officer of Francombat, LLC. Morgan oversees all Operations functions and is responsible for managing all hands-on operational aspects of the company. This role collaborates with the Chairman and CEO to develop corporate and operational strategies and is charged with facilitating these efforts across operations. Through a respectful, constructive, and energetic style, guided by the objectives of Francombat, Morgan provides the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure that the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

    As part of Francombat’s executive leadership team, Morgan is also actively involved in the company’s strategic direction and growth.



    Megan James is the Chief Communications Officer for Francombat, LLC and Editorial Director of Francombat.com. In this role since 2013, James has overseen content development for the company’s media properties, including print, online, mobile, TV, film and radio. She is primarily responsible for managing the communications risks and opportunities of a business, both internally and externally. James is typically responsible for communications to a wide of stakeholders, including but not limited to employees, shareholders, media, bloggers, influential members of the business community, the press, the community, and the public. She joined Francombat in 2010.

    James holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature from Laval Université in Quebec City.



    Jen Alvey is the Chief Marketing Officer for Francombat, LLC. He is responsible for various marketing in the organization with primary responsibility for areas such as sales management, product development, marketing communications (including advertising and promotions), pricing, market research, and customer service. Making sure that all functions of the organization are aligned to meet its strategic commercial objectives. Alvey joined Francombat in 2016 to take on the newly created chief marketing role. Before Francombat, Alvey served as the head of global advertising and brand management for a Fortune 500 company.

    A native of France, Jen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising and marketing communications from the University of UCLA.



    Larry Stanford is the Chief Financial Officer for Francombat. Stanford joined Francombat in 2010 and is responsible for the company’s strategic planning, corporate and business development, and financial operations. Before Francombat, Stanford worked at Sony Pictures Entertainment, where he served as the studio’s CFO of the International Television Division and Senior Vice President of Strategy and Operations.

    Stanford earned a Masters degree from the University of Montreal and an MBA from the University of McGill.



    Shen Fa Zhu is the Chief Legal Officer for Francombat Management. Zhu facilitates the business development and manages the legal affairs for Francombat‚Äôs brands portfolio. He also sit on the Board of Directors of PRO LEI TAI‚ĄĘ as the Chief Legal Officier. In this role, he leads Pro Lei Tai‚Äôs legal, compliance, regulatory and corporate governance functions. This requires Zhu to work closely with each of the other officers, and their departments, to appropriately be aware and advice.¬†His background in entertainment law, intellectual property, business formation, and transactional matters allows him to provide unparalleled representation to our roster of athletes. Zhu is fluent in Mandarin, French and English.¬†Prior to joining Francombat in 2007, Zhu was Vice President and General Counsel of Taipei Investment Capital.

    Zhu earned his law degree from University of Taiwan Law School.



    Charles Pinault is the Chief Technology Officer for Francombat. He is responsible for executing Francombat’s web operations, development and unified brand strategy across all media platforms. Pinault drives the coordination and alignment of Francombat’s digital content initiatives, social networking platforms and print businesses. From designing the websites, generating traffic, replying to user comments, advertising and getting the word out that Francombat exists, amongst the millions of other websites. Pinault is the person emails go to first, and the guy who will answer any complaints, opinions and feedback that comes from members.

    Pinault earned a Masters degree in Computer Science from Concordia University in Montreal.



    A long-time industry insider, Jason’s relationships with fighters, trainers, journalists, promoters, and sponsors are unparalleled within the fight business. Jason Huynh brings an impressive management resume as well as a global network throughout the Asian and European markets. Since 2007, Huynh has served as an overseas representative for the Francombat organization and is now focused on fighter development, promoter relations, and endemic endorsement opportunities for our athletes.

    Huynh is a graduate of the University of Montreal in administration.

    Chief Human Resources Officer



    Michelle Adelson is the Chief People Officer for Francombat as well as the Executive Assistant of Franco Richard. Adelson is responsible for the company‚Äôs organizational development and Human Resources, as well as compensation, benefits, recruitment, and other administrative functions. Her key role for the company is to take care of the paperwork, the flights, the hotels, and all the other technical tasks ‚Äď as well as to assist with pretty much everything. James is responsible for making sure everything is done on time. A true Chief Executive Organizer, she acts as a go-between for Franco‚Äôs dealing with appearance/public relations and the crew. When not working, Michelle gives her time to charitable causes. She recently spearheaded the Unfightable Charity Initiative ‚Äď a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire the next generation to dream big, take action, and encourage individuals to remain positive in the face of adversity.

    Adelson holds a degree in Human Resources from the University of Ottawa.