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    Welcome to FRANCOMBAT HUB¼, the first major brand extension of FRANCOMBAT¼—the world’s leader in professional combat sports. In partnership with world’s class professionals, coaches, and champions, FRANCOMBAT HUB¼ makes the elite training worthy of world champions available to all.

    Francombat Hub is the global destination in high performance for Combat sports. Our 30,000-sq. ft. facility located adjacent to Francombat Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec is efficiently designed to deliver a holistic integrated performance service portfolio. The Combat Hub will accelerate the evolution of Combat Sports by delivering interdisciplinary services, science, innovation and technology, while sharing best practices for performance optimization with combat athletes and coaches around the world.

    Whether it is to dominate a combat sport, be ready for the trials that life may bring, or simply maintain a level of sustainable, injury free fitness, Francombat Hub is as versatile and adaptable as the unconventional methods themselves. With four uniquely outfitted training spaces, this unique facility combines all three major professional combat sports such as Boxing, MMA, and Lei Tai united under the same roof.

    In Addition, Francombat Hub is a world-class shopping destination for both fitness enthusiasm and athletes, proudly home to the Francombat flagship stores located within the tower and the renowned Bet on Combat Café—the must venue to eat, drink, watch and bet on fights located just inside on the ground floor.

    One of the most notable features of Francombat Hub is the breath-taking, 60-foot waterfall embellishing the eastern wall of the building. The combination of the luxury condominiums, world-class training equipments and high-end store have made Francombat Hub a one-of-a-kind, unmatched destination in Montreal.

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    Francombat Hub is a private, member's only performance training center. Please start your application below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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