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  • Francombat Management

    Promoter of Champions

    Talent Acquisition & Development

    Francombat Management, LLC is a full-service combat sports management and marketing firm representing some of the most successful and high-profile professional boxers, mixed martial artists, and Lei Tai fighters as well as offering a variety of consulting and marketing services to corporate sponsors. In representing many of the biggest names in the fight business, Francombat Management consistently maximizes their client’s brand awareness and marketplace value.

    Founded in 2000 by two-time Lei Tai Gold Medalist Franco Richard, Francombat Management has risen to become the top management agency in professional combat sports, having successfully guided the careers of multiple champions and continues to sign, develop and promote world-class talent. With a team of highly-skilled professionals, Francombat Management assists fighters in every step of their career, from booking the first fight to public relations following the championship victory.

    We start by creating a comprehensive road map detailing the specific objectives and outlining the strategies for accomplishing them using a wide range of tools. Then, the plan is executed to its minutest detail. We handle the full range of sponsorship rights fees, brand development, public relations, and marketing services. We are nimble enough to adjust the plan and handle any surprises along the way. We never lose sight of the goals.

    Francombat’s contracted fighters compete in the UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, Professional Fighters League (PFL), and many other top promotions. Our contracted fighter’s roster includes Li Chan Sun, Wu Shen Wang, and Karl James just to name a few.

    Our Athletes

    Wu Shen Wang

    Li Chan Sun

    Karl James

    Jessy Chang

    Michelle Jun

    Thom Huang

    Shen Fa Tai

    Shin Lee Hung

    Are you looking for a fighter for your next fight event or perhaps, you would like to book a personal appearance by your favorite combat athletes for special events?