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    Francombat’s community is global, diverse, young and engaged. They are inspired by Francombat’s authenticity, athletic mastery, ability to transcend obstacles, unique style and philosophy.

    The growing community of over 1.5 Million Fans spans 135 Countries.

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    More than 1 million engaged fans and followers across Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.

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    80% of the Francombat Social Media Community is 13-34 year olds.


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    At Francombat.com we will work with you to create original and effective advertising and sponsorship plans that work for your business. Francombat offers exposure to the international combat sports market. We have competitive rates and will offer you and your products exposure on our site, videos, and podcasts. We have so many hits per day that we are sure that we can work out a mutually beneficial plan with you and your company.

    If you would like to learn more about advertising with Francombat and his affiliated network of websites such as Francombat.com, BetonCombat.com, Unfightable.com, LeiTaiFighting.com, and ProLeiTai.org, please contact us.

    * Francombat reserves the right to refuse any advertising without reason.

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    Sports New media produces a variety of content with funding from outside parties.

    These sources of revenue allow us to explore, in more depth than editorial budgets would otherwise allow, topics that we hope are of interest to GiveMeSport readers. The presentation of the content makes clear how the content has been commissioned and produced, and who has funded it.

    One of two labels will appear on this content: ‘Sponsored by‘; ‘Brought to you by‘.

    ‘Sponsored by’ is used to describe editorially independent content. We accept funding from sponsors both for content we are already producing, where using funds from a sponsor allows us to provide more in depth coverage, and for new projects.

    Before sponsorship is agreed with a client, relevant senior editors are consulted about its suitability and the editor-in-chief has the final say on whether a sponsorship deal is accepted.

    A sponsor whose branding appears on editorial content may have a role in suggesting what kind of topics are covered, but the commissioning editor is not obliged to accept ideas from the sponsor. The content is written and edited by GiveMeSport journalists, or those approved by SNM, to the same standards expected in all of our journalism. SNM will not show copy to sponsors for approval.

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