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    Host A Seminar With Franco Richard

    A seminar with Franco is normally divided into two days consisting of sixteen hours of instruction although he also offers extended seminars up to one week long. A matted area of 2500 square feet is needed per fifty participants. A minimum of 30 students is required.

    Some of the topics covered in a basic seminar include the “Si Ji Fa” or the Four Martial Arts Skills known as (Ti (踢) Kicking; Da (打) Striking; Shuai (摔) Grappling and Throwing; Na (拿) Seizing and Controlling found within all martial arts as they apply to Professional Lei Tai fighting.

    The whole weekend will cost a paltry $240 USD, or $120 USD for one day. Franco will be in town for two long weekend, so he will also be available for private lessons for those interested train for the Professional Lei Tai fighting.

    At the end of each seminar, the participant receives a participation certificate showing that they have attended a seminar. These certificates are not proof  of certification nor should they be used to promote an instructor’s level of mastery.

      • Discounts are given for Pro Lei Tai members and representatives.

      • A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due at the time of booking when confirmation is given.

      • Students are Responsible for all Travel Expenses.

      • All daily training sessions will be followed by Questions & Answers (Q & A).

    For more information or to schedule private lesson, hosting seminars or how to apply for a retreat, please contact us at:

    Tel: (514) 705.3366

    Email: info@Francombat.com

    We look forward to teach you the Francombat’s Fist Method – The Art to Kick, Strike, Throw and Submit™