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    The Ambassador Program

    To increase the overall visibility of the Francombat® brand, we launched a Ambassador Program on social media. The purpose of the ambassador program is to raise awareness of the brand Francombat® by sharing multimedia content visually appealing via Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, and to promote its products and services. The ambassador’s primary role will be to represent Francombat® and its values by adopting the Fight Week Every Week lifestyle. By his ethics and his professional behavior, the ambassador will have to embody the identity of Francombat® and thus, adopt its mentality.

    Another responsibility the ambassador will have is to create promotional content, both before and after events. The ambassador will have to create a buzz around the various events presented by Francombat® and make life an extraordinary day to his audience through his social media. The ambassador must demonstrate through its content that a week at Francombat is a unique experience. The brand ambassador must incarnate the identity of the company in appearance, behavior, values and ethics.

    Of course, being an ambassador also has its advantages! You will have the chance to see your content shared on the various social media of Francombat, in addition to having the chance to be photographed and filmed by professionals. Quality content for your social media, what could you ask more? The ambassador will also have the chance to have free access to the site at all times for him and his friends, in addition to having free tickets.


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