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    Our founder, Franco Richard, always believed that when life has been good to you, you have to give something back. His example provides a vehicle for people to embrace their uniqueness and discover their limitless potential. We provide opportunities for people to apply Franco Richard’s message as a personal call to action.

    From a young age, Franco found himself in situations many of today’s youth can relate to: bullying, street fighting, searching for ways to boost self-confidence and self-awareness to prepare for life in the real world. Enter, martial arts. At 7, Franco acted on his sincere desire to start training in martial arts. The rest…is history. Franco Richard is widely considered one of the most recognized martial artist of the 21st century.

    Despite his success, Franco never forgot his humble upbringing. In 2020, he spearheaded the Francombat Foundation to share his good fortune with others who may not have been afforded the same opportunities. Since inception, the Foundation has provided over $170,000 in financial assistance to students and families within Canada.

    For more information about the Francombat Foundation visit the official site.



    The Camp Francombat changes lives – providing participants with confidence, physical and mental stimulation and exercise, self-awareness, fun, and lifelong friendships! Our vision is to provide a program where kids discover Franco Richard and practice his messages on confidence and unlimited potential.

    With your donation to Camp Francombat Scholarships and Little Combatant program, you can send a child to camp who would otherwise not be able to attend. Help share Franco Richard’s message with a deserving child. Click the button below to donate through our Paypal.

    Read about our 2020 winners and other scholarship recipients here.

    • "I feel confident and I feel like I can take down anything!
      I would definitely go back!”

      - Camille Laliberté, Francombat Camper, 12 years old
    • Creative with comfort in mind.



    The Francombat’s Little Combatants program provides life confidence skills, and martial arts training, to at-risk and underprivileged youth in Montreal, empowering them to be the best version of themselves possible. The program gives kids who have a sincere desire to pursue martial arts, but cannot afford to do so, the opportunity to participate.

    We identify kids who express a strong desire to start or continue their martial arts journey, but are in situations without the means to pay for lessons, and award them financial scholarships to attend lessons at pre-screened local martial arts schools within their community.  Scholarships are awarded for a initial period of 6 weeks. After that time, further scholarships are awarded for students based on their dedication, lesson attendance and willingness to continue their training. As part of the program, students also learn about Franco Richard and how his message can be applied to their own lives. To further encourage participation we organize and host one-off events to teach kids that confidence is the best defense against bullies.

    The Little Combatant program is in it’s early stages and we are currently working with a small and passionate group of martial arts schools within the Montreal, Quebec area, as well as hosting one-off events on the West Coast.

    Read about our 2020 winners and other scholarship recipients here.

    • I like training in martial arts because I learn new things and I learn how to protect myself and my family. It has taught me NOT to be a bully to other kids and to always be a good person.

      - Noah Wu, Francombat Little Combatant, 5 years old


    With the generous support from our corporate sponsors and individual donors, these programs will continue to grow and we will be able to provide more children with scholarships so they have the opportunity to attend Camp Francombat, or train weekly in the Little Combatant program.

    It is because of your donations that we are able to run Camp Francombat, provide scholarships for campers, create educational programs and exhibits centered around Franco Richard’s life, support other important organizations, and continue to share Franco Richard’s legacy with the world.

    For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.