Combat Fit®


Welcome to Combat Fit® by Francombat: the perfect full-body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

Train like a champion with Combat Fit® by Francombat, our one-of-a-kind class where you’ll learn basic LEI TAI skills with a cardio kick. Combat Fit® simulates a real LEI TAI Championship fight with five five-minutes rounds, utilizing various equipment such as grappling dummies and hanging bags. A basic class includes cardio calisthenics: punch, kick, knee, and elbow strikes; sprawls; grounded bags; pummeling the bags; break fall; bag work, and core strengthening exercises. This class follows a set series of drills to challenge cardio capacity, build strength, and improve balance and flexibility, accompanied by a warm-up and cool down. Combat Fit® class is great for cross training and provides a unique mix of functional and cardio that challenges the entire body in true LEI TAI style.


Training Redefined

Developed by Pro Lei Tai’s leading authorities on strength and conditioning, the Combat Fit® Program by Francombat is a non-contact circuit training program with a strong focus on fitness and fun. Based on the strength and conditioning programs of professional fighters, the Combat Fit® Program will get you as fit as as a professional athlete in a safe, fun, and supportive way. The primary focus of Combat Fit® is to get you into the best shapre of your life using movements and conditioning exercises from various martial arts disciplines.


Gym shoes, athletic wear and Combat Fit® mat (recommended)