Our Combatants

The Francombat Team is the World’s most decorated Lei Tai fighting team with World Champions in amateur and professional Lei Tai fighting. Franco Richard has used his combat form both to prepare himself and his teammates for the inaugural professional Lei Tai Fighting™ event. The entire team is known for their kung fu skills, strength and conditioning, and Unfightable spirit. The mission of the Francombat Fight Team is to capture more World Championship titles in combat sports.

Wu Shen Wang

Li Chan Sun

Karl James

Jessy Chang

Michelle Jung

Thom Huang

Shen Fa Tai

Shin Lee Hung

You can book a personal appearance by your favorite Combatants for special events.

Once a year Franco Richard accepts requests for entrance into his exclusive training programs. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a member of FRANCOMBAT FIGHT TEAM, please contact: Tel: (514) 705.3366 Email: info@Francombat.com.