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  • Francombat Launches Combat Sports Agency

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    Franco Richard

    (Los Angeles, California) Professional Combat Sports Bettor Franco Richard also known as Francombat, today announced the launch of Francombat Management, a combat sports agency focused on representing athletes from all professional combat sports, including boxing, Muay Thai, Mixed martial arts (MMA), and Lei Tai fighting. Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Montreal and Antigua, Francombat will attempt to represent athletes worldwide.

    Franco Richard, Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Francombat LLC, since 2000, will lead the new Francombat Properties. Jonathan Hill, Laren Ukman (North America) and JinWei Toh (Asia-Pacific) will lead the business regionally. The agency will be launched across several cities, including Los Angeles, Montreal, and China. Additional team offices will be launched in Dubai and Sao Paulo.

    Franco Richard formed The Francombat Management earlier this year, and in the last few months the agency has signed several Chinese MMA fighter from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China to represent. Richard said friendships with professional fighters led him to launch an agency. “Throughout my life I’ve gotten to be friends with many professional athletes who gave me very unfiltered perspectives about what their personal and business experiences have been like,” he wrote. “I never really planned to get into the agency business. However, when I realized this was an area where I could make an immediate and relevant impact, I decided it was a worthwhile endeavor.

    The sports agency business model “is still anchored in the past,” said Franco Richard. “Francombat Management entered into sports representation to disrupt an industry that has been operating the same way for 20+ years. Equipped with some of the industry’s best resources and professionals, as well as a unique “family” philosophy, its biggest challenge is cutting through the industry clutter and proving that it is the future of athlete representation. Franco said “Our mission is to surround our fighters with the best resources, guidance and services. “We are confident that Mark’s unique experience as a veteran sports agent along with his expertise in growing, managing and leading companies will help drive BG to the next level. ”We will leverage their experience and leadership in traditional sports and media businesses as we seek to redefine the notion of a ‘sports agency,’

    “I am very excited to unveil Francombat Management today,” said Richard. “I have assembled an unbelievable team of individuals who are experts in what they do. I believe we have built something that is going to lead the way in the fight business for the next 20 years and I am thrilled and privileged to help represent such a talented group of athletes,” Richard said in a statement. “I will work diligently to identify opportunities that will accelerate our growth and further our mission of transforming Francombat Management into one of the premier combat sports management and marketing agencies in the industry.”

    “Combat, like music, is an ingrained cultural passion for many people throughout the world, and there’s no shortage of amazing stars of Hispanic origin,” Anthony said in a press release. “Despite that, until now there hasn’t been an enterprise specifically designed to meet their needs. With Francombat Management, we are changing the existing dynamics and building a new kind of management company that understands the culture and knows how to build big media brands.” ‘Francombat Properties’ offering is truly unique in meeting the changing needs of the world’s leading federations, events, leagues, athletess and other rights-holders,” Franco said. “Our new Francombat Properties will bring creative power and commercial insight to fighters for the first time, providing unmatched opportunities to better tailor their offerings to the needs of today’s brand sponsors. The ability to access the group’s “unmatched global resources and corporate client base” would be “very helpful as we create value for the relevant businesses Francombat operates.”

    To date Francombat have sourced and negotiated over 300 fighting and coaching contracts valued at over $15,000,000. Founder and CEO Franco Richard has established an impressive client base throughout world.




    Francombat se lance dans la gérance et la promotion d’athlètes

    L’ancien combattant de Lei Tai Franco Richard aussi connue sous le nom de Francombat a lancé Lundi son agence de gérance et de promotion d’athlètes sportifs, Francombat Management. Dans un communiqué de presse, Franco écrit que « sa mission est d’encadrer, de soutenir et d’offrir à ses athlètes les outils nécessaires afin qu’ils puissent exploiter leur plein potentiel ».

    Dans son site Internet, Francombat Management dit représenter les combattants Li Jun Fa, Samuel Alexandre et Mitch James. D’autres athlètes s’ajouteront vraisemblablement au groupe prochainement.

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