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“To persevere through challenges, overcome obstacles and keep moving forward in the face of failure, rejection and adversity. It is a mindset and willingness to do the things needed in order to achieve one’s goals.” —Franco Richard



Franco Richard’s philosophies have inspired millions of people the world over. He is a diligent blogger and made copious notes on his thoughts and ideas on how to live life to its fullest as well as on his martial expression. Though his philosophies are numerous, there are several that are core to his outlook on life and martial arts. (see below).

“Before there are branches, there are roots. A man should think about the source of the water as he drink it.”

“Every man should know how to cook eggs at least 4 different ways.”

“It’s okay to trade the possibility of your 80s and 90s for more guranteed fun in your 30s and 40s.”

“Stop holding the cactus it hurt.”

“Excuses are like butt holes, we all have them and they all sink.”

“You talk to yourself more than anyone. Make sure you are saying the right things.”

“Buy expansive sunglasses. Superficial? Yes, but so are the women judging you. And it tells these women you appreciate nice things and are responsible enough not to lose them.”

But Franco didn’t get to where he is today without knowing how to fight. The years during the process of making the traditional Lei Tai fighting a recognized professional combat sport were often difficult for Franco. Even though he had a great idea, his first foray/plonge into the business was underwhelming. Franco’s success story starts where most entrepreneurs begin: with a big idea and zero cash. He discovered a simple truth: Launching a business is no small task. No matter how big an idea you think you have, it still takes a lot of work and a ton of cash. In Hollywood he wasn’t getting offered the roles he felt he deserved, he struggled to support himself, and he injured his neck very seriously and was told by a doctor that he would never be able to participate in martial arts again. He turned to many self-help books during this time for inspiration. One day he wrote a quote “Unfightable” on a piece of paper which he framed. He bought a special stand for this quote and kept it on his desk as a constant reminder to keep moving forward. With this as his mantra, Franco worked himself into the best shape of his life, wrote volumes of notes on many different topics, and further developed and named his Art of Lei Tai™. In 2017, Franco went on to revolutionize the martial arts world by creating the first Professional Lei Tai Championship and, of course, founding Pro Lei Tai™. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

When life gives you obstacles, you must summon the courage and be…Unfightable!

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