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Francombat® signature brand is a premium handcrafted line of apparel, fight gear and equipment embodying the true spirit of the martial arts! Founded in 2017 by martial artist Franco Richard best known as Francombat, the brand has been created specifically for the new sport of Professional Lei Tai fighting with only one goal in mind: provide the highest caliber products on the market in combat sports, athlete’s nutrition and casual clothing. Whether you are a Kung Fu artist, a Lei Tai fighter or MMA, we have what you need!

Since day one, we have embarked on a mission to harmoniously fuse traditional Asian culture with the latest advancements in modern technology. The result is that our equipment and apparel are truly superior in every aspect of performance and quality to which is no equal. From our diverse collection of pro-level equip to our iconic apparel, Whether it’s fight night or training day, you’ll find everything you need from the #1 brand in the fight game. This is Francombat — a brand reflecting the true spirit of the martial arts!

With Francombat®, Franco not only created a new look and sense of fashion in the fight industry, but a lifestyle of street couture, which could be seen on everyone from college students to high-profile celebrities. This idea started with a single t-shirt sold at the Inaugural Lei Tai Fighting™ event and evolved into a complete line of apparel, fight gear and equipment line. Everything from the design, to the fit, to the fabrics themselves have been designed and handpicked by Franco Richard himself. While other combat sport clothing companies offer the fighter and fans the same old rock and roll imagery of wings, skulls and chains, Francombat® offers a stylish alternative to boring fabric. “I saw the need for Kung Fu to be represented in a new and exciting way thus Francombat® was created. I wanted to be able to wear simple yet clean designs that anybody could appreciate”, Franco says.

As pioneers of the modern combat equipment and apparel industry, we are honored to be the official partner of PRO LEI TAI™ as the exclusive equipment supplier and apparel of their amazing fighters. We are also proud seller of brands such as Feiyu Shoes, Unfightable™ and many other. We are confident that whether you decide to shop online or in store you will definitely find the product that suits you perfectly!

After establishing Francombat® as an icon in the game, we are looking to expand the same mission to bring the world’s most technologically superior gear to all disciplines across the world. From Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai, to boxing to MMA.

*A portion of the proceeds from all merchandise purchased in the Francombat Online Store benefits The Unfightable Foundation

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