Our History


“Francombat® is the story of a young Francophone businessman from Québec who dreamed of building an empire of combat sports on which the sun would never set. It all started with a love for martial arts.

– 2000 

Franco Richard established the first Francombat Gym dedicated to combat sports training in Quebec City.

– 2004 

Franco Richard launches Francombat.com and rapidly becomes a leading global combat sports media property and lifestyle destination for fight fans online. 

– 2007 

Francombat establishes Francombat Management, LLC., a full-service combat sports management and marketing firm representing some of the most successful and high-profile professionals boxers, mixed martial artists and Lei Tai fighters.

– 2010 

Franco Richard founds Francombat, LLC and brings all his business ventures together under one roof. Franco becomes Chairman of the Board and CEO of the corporation.

– 2015 

Franco Richard purchases the Francombat Villa in Hollywood Hills, California, and begins living the good life reflected in his website.

– 2017 

The company begins marketing shoes, the first of many licensed products that help the Character head logo become one of the world’s most recognized symbols. 

– 2019 

Francombat introduces the Unfightable Philosophy, written by Franco Richard in 77 Principles as motivational movement in response to adversity he encounter to make his dream a reality. The Unfightable Foundation is established as the activist arms of the Francombat Philosophy.

– 2020 

Francombat celebrates its 20th Anniversary.