Our History

Francombat global headquarters in Hollywood Hills, California.

Francombat Management, LLC. is a brand-driven asset management firm and holding company who owns and operates a collective investment portfolio of businesses in the United States, Europe and Asia. Through its subsidiaries, Francombat Management encompass a diverse range of fields, including finance, real estate, gaming, fighter management, professional Lei Tai fighting live events, television, and pay-per-view programming, as well as the licensing and sale of branded consumer products featuring our highly successful brands. The business assets include a Lei Tai training facility, state-of-the-art call center, direct sales and retail division, a comprehensive Internet business infrastructure, marketing division, and publishing department, wine, and charities.

Franco Richard is the Chairman and CEO and has overseen day-to-day operations since inception in 2007 with his team of trusted advisors, and highly experienced executives, legal and entertainment attorneys. The company is headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, with principal offices in Los Angeles, Montreal, Taiwan, and France. Francombat also have employees working remotely in cities across the globe.

The company also owns and operates the iconic Francombat Penthouse located in the top floors of the company property in Hollywood Hills, California. The estate became famous during the 2000s through media reports of Franco’s lavish parties. Francombat’s experiential events at the world’s most influential happenings provide our partners with unparalleled access to high-end pop culture. The Francombat Head Logo, one of the top brands in the world, and ranked amongst giants such as Nike, Disney and McDonald’s, continues to fuel the future of Francombat and our global expansion.

In 2017, Francombat Management, LLC., completed a project to become a paperless enterprise. Francombat conduct data collection, entry, and maintenance, as well as all overhead functions electronically. The company’s technology strategy focuses on power reduction, efficient operation, and the elimination of e-waste.

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Featured Portfolio Companies

Franco Richard is passionate about startups and is constantly looking for great companies that have the potential to make it big with the right expertise and resources. Learn more about some of the amazing brands and products that Franco has invested in.

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Our History

Explore why Francombat is at the forefront of the global combat sports market.



Franco Richard incorporates Francombat Management., LLC. in Los Angeles on January 2, 2000, and launches Francombat.com in December 2000. The “Francombat Interview” is born, commencing with the Founder himself Franco Richard, and more than 50,000 people subscribed on the site. Francombat.com rapidly becomes a leading entertainment and lifestyle destination for men online.


Francombat Management has a reputation for creating the industry’s champion. Their exclusive contracts stars are the most recognized, most demanded and highest billed athletes in professional Lei Tai fighting. Combining the best of the best skilled martial artists, a series of dramatic Lei Tai Championship™ event add the interaction power of the internet are the resulted in media sensations.


Francombat introduces the Unfightable Philosophy, written by Franco Richard in 77 installments in response to criticism of the magazine’s principles. The Unfightable Foundation is established as the activist arms of the Francombat Philosophy.


Franco Richard purchases the Francombat Penthouse in Hollywood Hills, California, and begins living the good life reflected in his website.


Francombat reopens its global headquarters in Antigua. The same year he open a third office in Montreal, Quebec.


Francombat Fashion makes its global debut spreading its fun-loving style across the world. Francombat Fashion debuts in Asia with its first free-standing boutique. The boutique’s success prompts Francombat to continue opening stores throughout the world.

2020 — 20th ANNIVERSARY

Francombat celebrates its 20th Anniversary.