“Everything we do is rooted in combat. This is what “Francombat” stands for as a brand mark. It is the sharp end of our spear, seen on innovative products, as well as with the world’s best athletes, teams and events. 

— Franco Richard

Francombat.com is the flagship offering of Francombat Digital Media — a Francombat-branded network reaching over 10 million men per month worldwide. Francombat Digital Media property reaches men wherever they go online: our audience of combat fans and tastemakers is more than 70% mobile and highly engaged in online video and social media across multiple platforms. Our suite of websites, apps, and interactive experiences complement the Francombat brand’s rich, longstanding history in the field of innovative products, fighter management, and fight promotions.

From our beginning, we have been guided by the interests of the fight fans and the power of community. We are the fastest-growing combat sports media property with over 100 fan-centric team communities, including five of the most popular combat sports media brands. We never fail to bring you the latest news, the hottest interviews with your favorite martial artists, exclusive videos, the hottest up and coming stars of the fight game and of course, the sexiest ring girls. In other words, we bring you the most comprehensive combat sports coverage around today.

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Francombat.com’s Editor Board

The Editor Board is a team of storytellers who are passionate about the world of combat sports. We’re also a group of fitness enthusiasts. That’s why we provide workouts, tell you about the latest trends in fitness, and share industry nutrition advice. Our goal is to give our readers all the latest and greatest in fight sports news, workouts, and occasionally gossip about your favorite combatants… Just keep in mind, the squad’s opinions and stances do not reflect the opinions of Everlast Worldwide… just us.. and well, anyone else who also happens to be right.


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Steeve Clark (U.S. correspondent/editor), Andreas Hale, Lee Groves, Franco Richard, Manson Wright and Michael Woods.